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22. Discrete Degrees in the Mind

Now come the investigations that are part of science and use the structure from Part III as a template. We are continuing the identification work begun in Chapter 19. We begin with a focus on the mental degree. It is the second of the three main degrees that exist in all persons. Table 22.1 shows again how this degree fits in with the other two degrees. The spiritual degree comes first in this order, and the physical degree comes afterwards. Normally these three degrees are considered separately in science. However, now we have them as part of a single overall scheme, and we hope to generate theories about how the three are related. Here we explore the mental degree by itself. In Chapter 25 I will give more detail on how the degrees are related.

This mental degree has the overall function of enabling loves to find suitable ways of producing results in the world, in order to achieve what that love wants to bring about. This degree is an image of Divine Wisdom. Wisdom has the same function with respect to the Divine Love in God as minds do to loves in persons.

Table 22.1: Summary of the first three degrees, from Table 19.1
1: Spiritual degree
love in the spirit.
2: Mental degree
thoughts in the mind.
3: Physical degree
actions in the body

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