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"Rational Scientific Theories from Theism"


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Four Talks

"Starting Science From God"

by Ian Thompson, PhD

1. Connecting Science and Theism  (Feb 5)

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Slides as pptx; as pdfs: 1/page, 6/page:

  • Theism has empirical consequences, so it can be scientific.
  • We need to explore theism as an alternative explanation to naturalism, not rule it out in advance.
  • Science should allow causal effects beyond the physical
  • Religion should allow a God of unselfish love.
  • Some history, and some contemporary proposals.
  • Topics to be covered in the later talks

2. Discrete Degrees   (Feb 12) 

Slides as pptx; as pdfs: 1/page, 6/page:
  • Things that exist are some substance in some form. Not abstract or formal or consciousness.
  • Defining substance as persisting propensity. Physical substances (propensity) and mental substances (love).
  • Generative levels explained by examples in physics & psychology.
  • 'Discrete Degrees' as a needed concept, based on 'generation and selection'.

3. Explaining Theism   (Feb 19).

Slides as pptx; as pdfs: 1/page, 6/page:
  • God as being itself and life itself: the being/substance of all things derives from God. Theism is not nondualism.
  • God as love, wisdom and action. Everything is an image of God, to a varying extent.
  • We are recipients of love, wisdom, and action-propensities: in our spiritual, mental and physical degrees, respectively.
  • World of multiple levels in multiple spaces. Not planes or dimensions or vibrations.

4. Applications to Theistic Science   (Feb 26)

Slides as pptx; as pdfs: 1/page, 6/page:

  • Life on earth, and its correspondences
  • Mental actions
  • Mental growth from childhood to old age
  • Spiritual growth and religion
  • Living after old age: the afterlife
  • Further internet resources

A series of four talks and discussions in 2013
at the Hillside Swedenborgian Community Church, 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito, CA 94530 (directions)

Download poster here (pdf) 

The content will be based on the book of the same name:

  • "Starting Science From God", by Ian J. Thompson, published by Eagle Pearl Press, 2011. ISBN 0984822801. Order here.
  • Available from Amazon and by order from all booksellers, and also as ebook for Kindle, Nook and iBooks.
  • Copies will be available for sale at the talks.
  • Website for the book: 

Many of us these days sense there is something real beyond the scope of naturalistic science. But what? Must mental and religious lives always remain a mystery and never become part of scientific knowledge? Can theism ever be connected with science? Professor Ian Thompson presents a series of four talks to explain a new rational approach to combining science and theism. He presents theism as a scientific theory, explaining its basic postulates, consequences and predictions as simply as possible and without paradox. Dr Thompson shows how a following of core postulates of theism leads to novel and useful predictions about the psychology of minds and the physics of materials which should appear in the universe. We will see if those predictions agree with the world as we observe it, both externally in nature and internally in our minds. In fact, they mesh surprisingly well with the structure of reality already revealed by modern quantum field theory and by theories of developmental stages in human minds.  The result is a promising new rational theory encompassing theology, psychology and physics.

Dr Ian J. Thompson is currently employed as a Nuclear Physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA. He is Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey, England, where until 2006 he was Professor of Physics.

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