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A. Theistic Postulates

Here is a list of the theistic postulates as presented in the earlier chapters:

Postulate 1  
God exists.

Postulate 2  
God is One.

Postulate 3  
God is Being Itself.

Postulate 4  
God loves us unselfishly.

Postulate 5  
All the world, and each of its parts, is a kind of image of God.

Postulate 6  
God is Love.

Postulate 7  
God is Life Itself.

Postulate 8  
We all live from God’s life, as if from ourselves.

Postulate 9  
Our actions (what we actually do) are our own.

Postulate 10  
The life we have from God is in accordance with what we have actually done.

Postulate 11  
God is a unity, in which there is an infinity of what may be intellectually distinguished, but what is not in fact separated.

Postulate 12  
God is Wisdom Itself.

Postulate 13  
God contains proceeding Actions.

Postulate 14  
God exists eternally.

Postulate 15  
What is unified and continuous in God is imaged as discrete distributions.

Postulate 16  
The relations between created realms is an image of the relation between God and creation.

Postulate 17  
Whenever love acts by means of wisdom, that action is a conscious action. There is consciousness of the production of the result, and also of the delight that arises from the achievement of that production.

The above postulates are not all logically independent, since often later postulates are refinements and applications of earlier postulates. In particular,

  • Postulate 3 implies Postulates 1, 2, and 14.

  • Postulate 7 implies Postulates 6 and 4, once that life is understood as unselfish love.

  • Postulate 10 implies Postulates 8 and 9.

  • Postulate 11 implies Postulate 2.

  • Postulates 15 and 16 are particular applications of Postulate 5.

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